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News from Recent Graduates

Hayley Johnson (AMS/Communication Studies ’13)

Hayley’s thesis “Fostering Global Citizenship: Using Blackboard to Improve the Study Abroad Experience at Pace University” explored how to best prepare students at Pace University for studying outside of the United States. As a part of this research-based project, Hayley spearheaded an initiative to use Blackboard as a virtual resource for students before, during, and after their time abroad. This cutting-edge American Studies project investigated the transnational and global aspects of American identity.

Mona Khaldi (AMS/Psychology ’13)

While at Pace University, Mona interned for IBE Consulting Engineers as a Data Entry Intern, for the Books For Kids Foundation as a Communications and Marketing Intern, and at Direct Agents Digital Advertising as a PR Marketing Assistant where she is now employed full-time, doing all the PR for the company.

Mona’s post-graduation plans and hobbies include contemplating “what would Daenerys Targaryen do?”, learning how to use Photoshop, learning more about the Digital Advertising industry so she can continue writing articles, press releases, case studies, and pitch decks, and getting a rescue dog, a functioning computer, and a San Francisco Giants snapback.

Cody Osterman (AMS/English ’13)

Cody, winner of the 2013 Award for Academic Excellence in American Studies, completed an American Studies thesis titled “Heroes, Fact of Fiction? How Textbook Narratives Shape Our Views of American History” which found him returning to his old high school and dusting off (literally!) the school’s once-required history textbooks that had been relegated to the basement. Focusing on textbook depictions of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, Cody analyzed the various cultural narratives imparted in the high school history classroom.

Samantha Sicilia (AMS/English ’13)

Samantha was recently admitted to the Bard College Master’s of Teaching program, where she will pursue a degree in teaching English to secondary school students.

Craig Held (AMS ’12)

Craig’s American Studies thesis, “My Prerogative: Issues of Agency Through the Life of Britney Spears,” investigated the intersections of American celebrity culture and feminism. While at Pace, Craig interned in the digital/social media department of the 34th Street Partnership and Bryant Park Corporation, the fashion department of Niche Media, and The Fashion List.

After graduation, Craig is working as a freelance writer/researcher/transcriber/jack-of-all-trades and a regular contributor to AMS recently contacted Craig to check in on life after Pace: “My short-term goal is to find steady work or a rich old childless man to marry that will leave everything to me. Long-term, I’d like to have a reality television empire with a burgeoning overly auto-tuned pop music career. If that doesn’t work out, I’d like to edit a fashion or pop culture magazine but since print is dying, I’m trying to find a new goal. In the meantime, I’m reading lots of comic books, watching lots of television, and reblogging a lot of funny gif sets on Tumblr. I guess you could say things are going incredibly well for me.” When asked if he had any plans to travel, he noted that “Travel makes me anxious. I hate leaving New York City so I only go as far as my parents’ house in central New Jersey. Even there, I tend to get itchy until I’m safely surrounded by the East and Hudson rivers again.”


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